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We Are Having Company

Presented: August 7, 2016
Brother Yeater brings us a lesson about this importance of being attentive to our visitors and to each other.
Lesson by: Alan Yeater
Listen to Lesson | Length: 34:47 | Download MP3 (19.9 MB)

The Names of Jesus

Presented: July 31, 2016
Bro. Jim Boyd reminds us of the diverse names of Jesus, and how we ought to praise and glorify Him.
Lesson by: Jim Boyd
Listen to Lesson | Length: 24:30 | Download MP3 (15 MB)

Render to Caesar, Render to God

Presented: July 31, 2016
Brother Boyd suggests ways we can serve God and be good Americans, as well.
Lesson by: Jim Boyd
Listen to Lesson | Length: 45:46 | Download MP3 (25 MB)

Leaders, Trust, and Responsibility

Presented: July 24, 2016
Bro. Yeater reminds us that effective leaders in God's kingdom are but followers who, like Ezra, see the need and act on it.
Lesson by: Alan Yeater
Listen to Lesson | Length: 35 | Download MP3 (21 MB)

I Will Not Quit

Presented: July 17, 2016
Bro. Davenport reminds us all that we cannot take another step, we must take the next step.
Lesson by: Scott Davenport
Listen to Lesson | Length: 28:00 | Download MP3 (20 MB)

Love Life and See Good Days

Presented: July 17, 2016
Bro. McDonald teaches us that he would love life and see good days must refrain from evil and seek peace.
Lesson by: Tim McDonald
Listen to Lesson | Length: 24:00 | Download MP3 (18 MB)

Heroes, Super Hero

Presented: July 10, 2016
Bro. Yeater brings to us a lesson on Heroes. Not just any heroes, but the heroes of the Bible. He portrays how Christ is The "Super Hero" of the Bible and how His actions have opened a door for salvation to us.
Lesson by: Alan Yeater
Listen to Lesson | Length: 31:46 | Download MP3 (18.1 MB)

Hero #2 God visited His people 7 - 10 - 2016

Presented: July 10, 2016

Lesson by: Alan Yeater
Listen to Lesson | Length: 19:18 | Download MP3 (11.8 MB)

Are You Confessing?

Presented: July 3, 2016
With your mouth are you confessing the Christ like the woman at the well; like the blind man; like the apostles?
Lesson by: Alan Yeater
Listen to Lesson | Length: 33 | Download MP3 (21 MB)

Mozambique Report

Presented: July 3, 2016
Bro. Ron Roark gives a detailed report of his recent mission trip to Mozambique.
Lesson by: Ron Roark
Listen to Lesson | Length: 42:00 | Download MP3 (22 MB)


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