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To Feed and Protect

Presented: March 6, 2016
This hour, we consider the words found in 1 Peter 5.
Lesson by: Alan Yeater
Listen to Lesson | Length: 31:45 | Download MP3 (14.5 MB)

Parents God Chose

Presented: March 6, 2016
Why did God choose Mary and Joseph to raise the Lord? Bro. Yeater sheds some light on God's choosing them.
Lesson by: Alan Yeater
Listen to Lesson | Length: 30:00 | Download MP3 (18 MB)

Christ Loved, Shared, and Gave Gifts

Presented: February 28, 2016
Bro. Yeater encourages us all to take comfort in our Lord, serving Him and others with the gifts that He has provided. Even to the point of suffering, let's share and serve one another.
Lesson by: Alan Yeater
Listen to Lesson | Length: 20:00 | Download MP3 (3.5 MB)

Love is Kind

Presented: February 28, 2016
Josh brings to a lesson tonight on the topic of Kindness. He portrays what being "Kind" means and how it relates to the scriptures.
Lesson by: Josh Davenport
Listen to Lesson | Length: 14:35 | Download MP3 (6.68 MB)

Love does not Envy

Presented: February 28, 2016
Eric brings to us a lesson on Love and how it does not "Envy". He depicts what this means by presenting the scripture.
Lesson by: Eric Rainwater
Listen to Lesson | Length: 24:21 | Download MP3 (11.1 MB)

Christ Suffered -- We Suffer

Presented: February 21, 2016
Bro. Yeater shows us how must often suffer for the cause of Christ--following His example of suffering for us.
Lesson by: Alan Yeater
Listen to Lesson | Length: 35:00 | Download MP3 (21 MB)

A Royal Priesthood

Presented: February 21, 2016
God Calls us to be priests - "for the obtaining of the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ"
Lesson by: Alan Yeater
Listen to Lesson | Length: 30:07 | Download MP3 (14.4 MB)

Simply Christians

Presented: February 14, 2016
Brother Alan explains what it means to be a Christian.
Lesson by: Alan Yeater
Listen to Lesson | Length: 35:00 | Download MP3 (18.6 MB)

The Great Invitation

Presented: February 7, 2016
Bro. Barrett preaches on the invitation from Christ. He reads from Matthew 11:28 to show us Christ's Invitation.
Lesson by: Matthew Barrett
Listen to Lesson | Length: 23:59 | Download MP3 (10.9 MB)

How Big is Your God?

Presented: February 7, 2016
Bro. Lancaster talks about how big our God is. He talks about the universe and the Creator that made it. He brings into perspective time and how it links to eternity.
Lesson by: Jason Lancaster
Listen to Lesson | Length: 29:53 | Download MP3 (13.6 MB)


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